I've been thinking and it's been suggested a couple of times, about doing the print-on-demand thing for selling images and finally went and tried it on. MY NEW REDBUBBLE SHOP Originally I thought I'd only do it for the option of having cards and other printed versions of my paintings, but A I work so … Continue reading Redbubble


Finally getting some attention

My Instagram life being less that prolific so far, I never had very high expectations for it, but lately I've been bombarded with new followers. Not the kind that click ❤️ on my wonderful photos, or even better, leave a comment to engage in conversation, but more along the lines of "Click here to instamagically … Continue reading Finally getting some attention

First frost

Spectacular morning, absolutely no wind for a change and everything coated in powdered sugar. I love the crisp air of a morning like this - now I just need to introduce wool socks for my wellies and hope for more photo ops on a day when I don't have early appointments!